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Z type Pendulum Bucket Elevators

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Pendulum bucket elevators are used for very gentle vertical conveying of granular and powder product. It is flexible in terms of the number of inlets and outlets.
Model: 2L/3L/5L/7L/10L/20L/30L
Outlet height ≤ 45M; Horizontal distance ≤ 50M
Quantity of inlet and outlet: 1- 100 pieces
Handling capacity ≤ 50 m³/ h

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The Z type Bucket Elevators are designed for heavy duty operations and long life, it is ideal for an industrial application.

we are the foremost Z Type Bucket Elevator Manufacturers. We offer technologically advanced Z Type Bucket Elevators. Equipped with handy inspection windows. Furthermore, to ensure zero contamination and seed damage. Widely used and appreciated by our clients, the Z type Bucket Elevator has helped us earn great reputation and standing in bulk material handling process.

Its advanced features

• Gentle conveying
• Combination of horizontal and vertical transport
• low energy demand
• quiet running
• low maintenance demand
• flexibility in installation

The Z shape bucket elevator is available in 5 different types:
• ZT-2L for max. 6 M3 /h • ZT-3L for max. 8 M3 /h
• ZT-5L for max. 12 M3 /h • ZT-7L for max. 15 M3 /h
• ZT-10L for max. 20 M3 /h • ZT-13L for max. 25 M3 /h
• ZT-20L for max. 35 M3 /h • ZT-30L for max. 50 M3 /h
Based on a bucket filling degree of 75% and a chain speed of 0.16 m/s.



It can be equipped with multiple feeding ports and multiple discharging ports.


Machine frame: SS316L, SS304 or Mild steel; ABS buckets, mild steel, SS304 or SS316L buckets.


Heavy-duty design, its vertical conveying height can up to 45 meters, horizontal conveying length can up to 50 meters.


One set of machine combines the horizontal - vertical conveying and requires only one motor to drive, saving energy.


In the whole conveying process, the damage of granular materials is very low, and the dust flying of powder materials is also effectively controlled.


Equipment protection devices are: torque limiter, reverse check, chain fracture detection etc...


Model ZT-2L ZT-3L ZT-5L ZT-7L ZT-10L ZT-13L ZT-20L ZT-30L
Capacity/ bucket 2L 3L 5L 7L 10L 13L 20L 30L
Max. output 6M3/ h 8M3/ h 12M3/ h 15M3/ h 20M3/ h 25M3/ h 35M3/ h 50M3/ h
Speed 9-11 m /min
Elevating height Customization
Horizontal distance Customization
Power 0.55-30KW

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