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C Type bucket elevator

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Bucket elevator is useful for navigating tight layout spaces for elevating the materials and discharging them into the required locations. This type of elevator has a horizontal bottom portion, a vertical portion and again a horizontal portion that can be extended to suit the discharge requirement. These are ideal for granular free flowing loose materials.

C Type Bucket Elevator is a game-changing solution for businesses seeking to optimize their material handling operations. With its advanced design, customizable options, and reliable performance, this bucket elevator is poised to revolutionize the way industries handle bulk materials,  designed to keep material spillage, maintenance, and downtime to a minimum, the solution has ingrained safety features, and it allows continuous visual inspection during operation.

In conclusion, the C Type Bucket Elevator is a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for vertical conveying needs. Its innovative design, customizable options, and focus on safety and durability make it an indispensable asset for businesses across various industries. Experience the difference with the C Type Bucket Elevator and elevate your material handling capabilities to new heights.

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One of the key advantages of our bucket elevator is its adaptability to varying discharge requirements. The horizontal portion can be extended or adjusted to accommodate different distances and angles, ensuring that materials are discharged precisely where they are needed. This level of customization makes our bucket elevator an invaluable asset for a wide range of industries and applications. In conclusion, our bucket elevator is a versatile and efficient tool for navigating tight layout spaces, elevating materials, and discharging them into the required locations.

Bucket elevators are the universally lifting conveying equipment. Z bucket elevator conveyor is mainly made up of Movement part (bucket and traction belt or chain), upper part with transmission drum, down parts with tension drum, middle cabinet, drive device and so on. It’s used for vertical feeding of granules or small block material. It has advantages of large lifting quantity and highness.

Technical Parameters

Bucket Elevator Model Maximum output
Bucket volume
Bucket operating speed
Max lifting height
Max horizontal length
HYZT-2L 6 2 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-3L 8 3 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-5L 10 5 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-7L 12 7 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-10L 18 10 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-13L 23 13 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-20L 28 20 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-30L 35 30 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
HYZT-50L 50 50 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11

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