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Food Grade Stainless Steel Z Type Bucket Elevator

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Introducing our latest innovation in material handling technology – the Food Grade Z Bucket Conveyor. Catering to the needs of the food industry, our conveyor is designed to elevate bulk particulate food materials vertically, while also providing horizontal travel for easy loading and the ability to discharge over and into other equipment in bulk feed conveyor applications. With the ability to seamlessly integrate into feeding systems for radial combination scales or other VFFS bagging machine setups, our Z Bucket Conveyor is the perfect solution for your material handling needs.

  • Model: 1.0L/1.8L/3.8L/4.8L/5.8L/6.5L
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handling capacity : ≤ 20 m³/ h
  • Application: Food industry, Grain, candy, sesame, seed, and so on
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    Our Food Grade Z Bucket Conveyor is specifically designed for the food industry, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. The conveyor is constructed using food-grade materials and features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, making it ideal for handling food products safely and efficiently.

    If you’re looking for a machine to help increase the accuracy and efficiency of your supply chain but are limited on space, a vertical bucket elevator could be exactly what you need. Easy-to-clean and space-efficient, this elevator is a great tool for those who need to deliver powder or small granule materials vertically for additional processing or packaging. Working in conjunction with your weighing and packing machine, it helps create a seamless food product quantitative supply and packing system.

    In conclusion, our Food Grade Z Bucket Conveyor is the ideal solution for elevating bulk particulate food materials vertically, as well as providing horizontal travel for ease of loading and the ability to discharge over and into other equipment. With its food-grade construction, ease of maintenance, and reliable performance, our Z Bucket Conveyor is sure to meet and exceed your material handling needs.


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    Technical Parameters

    Bucket Elevator Model Maximum output
    Bucket volume
    Bucket operating speed
    Max lifting height
    Max horizontal length
    HYZT-1.0L 3 1 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 0.75-1.5
    HYZT-1.8L 5.5 1.8 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 0.75-3.0
    4.3 1.8 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 1.5-3.0
    HYZT-3.8L 11 3.8 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 1.5-3.0
    8 3.8 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 1.5-3.0
    HYZT-4.8L 14 4.8 9-11m/min ≤10m ≤10m 1.5-4.0
    HYZT-5.8L 18 5.8 9-11m/min ≤15m ≤15m 1.5-5.5

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