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Multi-point Z Type bucket elevator conveyor machine

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Introducing our latest innovation in material handling technology – the Bucket Elevator. This efficient and versatile machine is designed to gently transport a wide variety of products, both horizontally and vertically, without the need for transfer points. With its superior performance and reliable operation, our Bucket Elevator is the perfect solution for transporting dry, granular, free-flowing products, as well as many non-free-flowing products.

  • Model: 2L/3L/5L/7L/10L/13L/20L/30L/50L
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
  • Bucket: 2L/3L/5L/7L/10L/13L/20L/30L/50L
  • Outlet height: ≤ 45M
  • Horizontal distance : ≤ 50M
  • Quantity of inlet and outlet: 1- 100 pieces
  • Handling capacity : ≤ 50 m³/ h
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    One of the key features of our Bucket Elevator is its flexibility in handling different types of products. Whether it's fine powders, small particles, or large chunks, this machine can effectively transport them with ease. With customizable options available, we can tailor the Bucket Elevator to meet the specific requirements of your materials and production processes.

    At Hengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. , we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet the evolving needs of the material handling industry. With our Bucket Elevator, you can expect superior performance, efficiency, and durability, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings for your business.

    Technical Parameters

    Bucket Elevator Model Maximum output
    Bucket volume
    Bucket operating speed
    Max lifting height
    Max horizontal length
    HYZT-2L 6 2 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-3L 8 3 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-5L 10 5 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-7L 12 7 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-10L 18 10 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-13L 23 13 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-20L 28 20 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-30L 35 30 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11
    HYZT-50L 50 50 9-11m/min ≤50m ≤100m 0.55-11




    Z type Pendulum Bucket Elevators (3)

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