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Xinxiang Hengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, we are located in Xinxiang, Henan, China. We focus on horizontal and Vertical Conveying Solutions. Now we manufacture a full line of bucket elevator that for conveying various dry bulk materials. Our machines have greater functional reliability and sturdy construction, so they are appreciated for the better performance and good quality.

We are manufacturing products like Z type bucket elevator, C type bucket elevator,Pendulum bucket elevator, Low breakage bucket conveyor, Multiple outlets bucket elevator, Multiple inlets bucket elevator, Light duty bucket elevator, Heavy duty bucket elevator......And we made our aim to give our customer world class quality product at the reasonable price.

Industry we serve Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Animal feed & Seed, Chemical industry, Metallurgy industry , Mining industry and Others......

For any inquiry mail us on info@hengyultd.com

Business Philosophy: Create value, Win-win cooperation, Sustainable development
Company Vision: Become a globally respected manufacturer and trader
Company Purposes: Customer satisfaction, Employees are satisfied, Shareholders satisfied

Why Choose Us?

Has more than 20 years of experience in bucket elevator production, Max conveying height: 50 meters, Max conveying distance: 150 meters, Max hourly capacity: 50M3

Bucket Elevator Advantage
Bucket Elevator Construction
Bucket Elevator Design
Bucket Elevator Advantage
Gentle way of horizontal and vertical conveying Product is conveyed by a gentle way in ABS/MS/SS buckets, greatly reducing the risk of damaging fragile materials.
Extra Long distance and height conveying Product can be conveyed up-to 50 meters and 150 horizontal distance with a single drive unit.
Multiple Inlet & Outlets Product can be made with multiple inlets and outlets
Greatly reduce the drop bucket phenomenon Innovative chain and buckets means all conveyor buckets will not fall off during long-term operation, avoiding equipment failure
Bucket Elevator Construction
Overlapping Buckets overlapping buckets at the inlet allows the bucket elevator to be fed with a constant stream of product with no spillage.
More simplified Combine horizontal and vertical conveying in one product, with a single drive unit.
Lubricant Free Chain Bucket elevator uses chain attachments fitted with rollers that mean no chain lubricant is required.
Bucket Elevator Design
Totally enclosed Fully enclosed stainless or mild steel casing to prevent any foreign material entering the buckets.
Heavy duty design Each machine case is connected by flange, it is solid and heavy duty.
Mild and stainless steel chains mild and stainless steel chains are available to meet the specific application requirements.
Plastic or Steel Buckets Elevator buckets are available in plastic, mild steel and stainless steel to suit application requirements.
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Corporate Vision

Chuanghengyu international brand, rejuvenate the national industry of China

Corporate Policy

Strict process control, analysis and comparison
, leading scientific and technological innovation

Corporate Goals

Market-oriented, sales-oriented
, technology-based

Corporate Philosophy

Be a person with affection, do things with sincerity, and do business with faith

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