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1. What is a Bucket Elevator?

A: A bucket elevator is a machine which is designed to transport bulk materials—from light to heavy and from fine particulate to large products—vertical and horizontal.

2. How Does a Bucket Elevator Work?

A: Although similar to belt conveyor, bucket elevators transport material using buckets attached to a rotating chain. These buckets pick up bulk material, transport it to an endpoint and then discharge the material.

3. Where are bucket elevators used?

A: Usually widely used in the following industries: Food industry, Agricultural crops, Fertilizer industry, Packaging industry, Plastics chemicals.
Like Cereal and Grains, Coffee and Tea, Pasta, Soft or pliable foods, Chocolate and Confectionery, Fruit and Vegetables, Dry Pet Food, Frozen Foods, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals including Powders and similar, Soaps and detergents, Sand and Minerals, Metal components, Plastic components.