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Could Z bucket elevator be used for cat litter lifting?

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The answer is yes, our bucket elevator can be used for cat litter lifting, or we will state it as this way, for nearly all granulars, it is available for our bucket elevator to do the conveying.

Cat litter bucket elevators are used in the production of cat litter of various materials in the fields of granulation, drying, packaging, etc. For cat litter can be edible requirements, our cat litter elevator bucket is made of ABS plastic, the product will not be subject to secondary pollution, the bucket and the material belong to the relative static state, to avoid the traditional bucket elevator rely on high-speed centrifugal discharge design defects, improve the integrity of the particles. Our bucket elevators are not only used in the pet food supply industry, but also in the food and chemical industry. Our bucket elevators in the cat litter production field can reach a lifting height of 50 metres and a lifting capacity of 20 cubic metres per hour, with fast lifting speed, low failure rate and multi-point discharge.

Cat litter bucket elevators are divided into Z-type elevators and C-type elevators according to the position of the inlet and outlet; they are divided into single-point discharge bucket elevators and multi-point discharge bucket elevators according to the number of discharge outlets, the discharge points can be set freely and the equipment will automatically complete the control of the falling material.

Our bucket elevators are used for very gentle vertical conveying of all kinds of granular products. Especially in the seed sector they are the most suitable conveyors. They can also manage big horizontal distances thus being able to replace the combination of belt conveyor and normal bucket elevator.

We are one of the world’s leading producers of conveying equipment for agricultural and industrial products.

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Post time: Mar-21-2022