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After installation of bucket elevator, how do you use it?

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Someone says that with power on of bucket elevator, then we can use it, while we still have many things to be noted before using. And after using, we have some things to be noted for maintenance, follow us to know more about our bucket elevator.

Notes for using:
1. The bucket elevator should be empty load driving. So before ending should be drained of all the materials within the hopper, and then stop.
2. Can not be reversed. Reversal may occur chain derailment phenomenon. Removing the derailment fault is very troublesome.
3. Even feeding. Prohibit sudden increase in feed volume. Feeding capacity can not exceed the lift capacity of the hoist. Otherwise it is likely to cause the bottom of the material accumulation
4. Timely and appropriate to add lubricants to ensure that all parts at a good lubrication.
5. Sprockets, chains and hopper serious wear or damage should be promptly replaced to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
6. Can not move the check device to prevent sudden power failure caused by the accident.



Interval period

Check Item


Half year

Whether the component is deformed

Whether the weld is cracked

Whether the abrasion phenomenon

Bolt joint

Three months

Whether the bolt joint is loose


Three months

Check the bearing fixing

Whether the operation is normal

Whether there is a different sound

Whether you need to add lubricant


Three months

Whether the rotation is flexible

Whether the tooth wear is serious


Three months

Whether the dust is too much

Whether wearing, corrosion is serious

Flexible tensioner

Three months

Whether it can be free to move horizontally

Whether it can be tensioned


Three months

Whether the wear is serious

Whether deformation damage


Three months

Whether the reverse function is normal

Whether the bearing rotation is flexible


Three months

Chain chute

Three months

Whether the wear is serious

Whether deformation damage

Chain pallet

Three months

Whether the fixing bolts are loose

Whether it is deformed or damaged

Post time: Nov-21-2021